DIY easy cork board decoration

DIY Easy Cork Board Decoration

I made this really simple and inexpensive DIY decoration for a cork board. It can be used as a pretty background for blog photos or just as a cute canvas for your pinned notes and inspirations.

I’ve had a simple boring cork board for a long time. I was using it to pin inspirational quotes and beautiful pictures – something like a vision board 🙂

It stands right on my vanity table, where I usually take my photos for the blog. So I decided to decorate it and use it as a background for my blog pictures!
I printed a cute floral design image on plain paper. Any scrapbook paper will do the job, too.

Then I placed the printed paper on the board and adjusted it so that the pattern looks seamless. I used some tape under the paper to secure it.

I like it as a background, too. Here is an example:

DIY easy cork board decoration

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