Easiest way to organize belts

I think we all had to deal with a big mess of tangled belts at some point 😀 At least, I had to… I tried to find the right place for my belts in my small wardrobe, so they will be easy to grab and easy to put back. But nothing worked good enough for me…until I came up with this idea of how to organize belts!

I wanted my belts to be nicely displayed, so that I can see them in a glance and choose fast. They definitely needed to be easily accessible for the days, when I’m in a hurry. I went through the stage, where I just put them in a random place in my closet. But when I was looking for a particular belt, it was tangled with the others. I didn’t like that and had to change something 🙂

I saved some of the spare hooks, that come with new shower curtains. I was secretly hoping, that I can find a new use for them 😀 And so I did – in my system to organize belts!

They turned out to be the perfect size and shape for my closet’s hanging rod.

I put every belt on a hook and then attached the hooks to the rod next to my hangers.

I think, they look nice and neat and don’t take a lot of space.

Easiest way to organize belts

Now it’s easier for me to grab a belt in just a few seconds, without having to go through all of my stuff in the wardrobe. 🙂

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