Small vegetable garden ideas

Short on space to start a vegetable garden? Even a pocket-size space in your backyard can help you grow vegetables. Home gardening is on the rise with more people looking to enjoy fresh vegetables.

The first and most important space to start is the balcony. You can choose a variety of dwarf vegetables. For example, there are several dwarf tomato varieties such as Tiny Tim Tomato that can grow well on the balcony. Get some balcony pots and planters.

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5 Ideas fall centerpieces

Just with few decors, your home can easily transform for the autumn! Take a look at this 5 ideas for fall centerpieces to bring the festive mood into your house!

I’ve collected few fall decor items – candles, pine cones, golden and red beads, fake flowers, vases. I wanted to try different versions and looks for table centerpieces. Here you can see how I combined the decor items. I hope you like them! 🙂

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Easiest way to organize belts

I think we all had to deal with a big mess of tangled belts at some point 😀 At least, I had to… I tried to find the right place for my belts in my small wardrobe, so they will be easy to grab and easy to put back. But nothing worked good enough for me…until I came up with this idea of how to organize belts!

I wanted my belts to be nicely displayed, so that I can see them in a glance and choose fast. They definitely needed to be easily accessible for the days, when I’m in a hurry. I went through the stage, where I just put them in a random place in my closet. But when I was looking for a particular belt, it was tangled with the others. I didn’t like that and had to change something 🙂

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